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About Us

Company Name ABC International Inc.
Office 2-3-1 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Managing Director Shunsuke Handa
Our Business Finished Programs Sales,
Format Sales and New Business Strategy
Date of Establishment April 5th 2016
Capital 100 million yen (including a capital reserve)
Principal Shareholders ABC Frontier Holdings, Inc. 100%

Message from the CEO

ABC International was established as an organization responsible for the front-line operations of overseas development on behalf of the Asahi Broadcasting Group. We provide various overseas related businesses that make use of the group's excellent content assets and production capabilities including Asahi Broadcasting Television’s programs.

Our activities include but are not limited to the selling of programs, the formatting of them for overseas markets, their production and their content in collaboration with overseas broadcasting stations. We keep expanding our company year on year by taking on challenging new projects for overseas markets, such as PR activities which introduce tourist attractions or uncover local areas which were known only by the local people in Japan.

Nowadays it is natural to purchase attractive products from overseas using cross-border e-commerce, to communicate with friends abroad using SNS, or to open up new business opportunities due to the development of new infrastructure. We believe that there are still plenty of opportunities for us to provide our services to billions of people worldwide.

One of our company's strengths is that we are an independent organization despite being part of the “Asahi Broadcasting” brand that has cultivated many achievements and trust. While making use of the group's excellent content, we are proud of and prioritize our flexibility and speed as an independent organization.

We carefully consider our position in the marketplace and regard ourselves as pioneers who seek new forms of broadcasting to facilitate companies moving away from the so-called "main business model" as we all adjust to the changing times, new trends, and business fields.

In order to continue these new initiatives, it is essential to expand our circle of collaboration and cooperation so that we are not confined to the conventional framework as before. I would like to continue building up trusting relationships with the numerous people that cooperate with us.

Above all, ABC International would like to contribute to the well-being of people in Japan and overseas through our services and attractive content which people continue to enjoy.

CEO Shunsuke Handa


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